Sad Face in my Taxes

April 12, 2009

So in typical Ryan fashion I filed my taxes yesterday.  Some people may call this type of behavior procrastination but I prefer to think of it as lazy evaluation.  I am pretty proud of myself because this year I managed to get them filed a whole three days earlier than I did last year.  At this pace, by the time I’m 60 maybe I’ll have them taken care of in January.

No Spouse Sad Face

No Spouse Sad Face

I filed them online and in the process of filling out their forms they asked if I had a spouse.  While it’s always fun to play pretend, I don’t think the IRS enjoys the game so I fessed up and admitted I didn’t have one.  After I was all finished they showed me a summary of my information which is where I saw the image to the right.  When I first saw this I thought they had a sense of humor and had put in a sad face because I didn’t have a spouse.  This of course made me smile and for a moment I was amazed that a tax website could have a sense of humor.  But then I realized that they were trying to output and underline a social security number that wasn’t present and all I was seeing was the dashes that usually follow the third and fifth digit.

So I guess this isn’t a sign of humor at all but more of an oversight.  Either way, it made my taxes a little more entertaining and I’m only paying in $38 so I’m not complaining one bit.


2 Responses to “Sad Face in my Taxes”

  1. Amanda Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious, Ryan.

    When I was little I thought Lease was a spoiled little girl. I got this impression when the toy store a block down displayed in its window what I thought was a giant gift tag proclaiming, “For Lease”. I couldn’t believe someone bought an entire toy store for their kid! Then I saw the tags pop up in other places, too. And, although it was strange that Lease had a propensity for chain restaurants, it took me way too long to figure out that Lease was not just a very lucky little girl. And while I was incredibly jealous the entire time I thought she was getting all the toy stores and fast food joints her little heart desired, I was a little sad when I learned the truth. That I would never be as lucky as little Lease because she didn’t exist. Nobody buys their children entire toy stores and definitely wouldn’t feel the need to set them up with a run down Pizza Hut. When I figured this out I felt kind of like a set of underlined dashes.

    Thanks for making me laugh!!!

  2. bkail Says:

    Awesomeness ;-).

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