Outside Lands: Day One

August 23, 2008

Yesterday was the first day of the first ever Outside Lands music festival and so far I’m having a blast.

I talked Evan into joining me for the day so we left for Golden Gate Park around 4pm.  Given that parking around the park is hard enough on a regular weekend we figured it would be exceptionally painful for this event.  However, we easily found a spot just four blocks south of the park off of 19th street.  That left us with about 20 blocks to walk but I was honestly expecting things to be worse.

As soon as I took my bag out of the car I realized something, I forgot my pass! How could I do such a thing. I managed to remember sunscreen, a flashlight, a blanket, two cameras, extra batteries and a water bottle but not the most important item. At first I wanted to drive back to my place and pick it up but Evan talked some sense into me. We figured it would be better to just buy a new ticket for the day and not miss two hours of the festival going to get mine.

During our 20 block walk, we thought up a few other ideas as well. The show wasn’t sold out so maybe I could pick up a ticket for less than face value. It’s also a big park so maybe there is a chance that I could sneak in, after all it wouldn’t even be stealing. But before we tried anything the plan was to see if they could just reissue my ticket.  After about 30 minutes waiting in line, a new ticket was in hand. Smiles all around.

First up we caught the end of Black Mountain who I’d never heard of but was really quite talented so I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to see more of them. Next up we headed over to check out Manu Chao, another band that I didn’t have a chance to check out beforehand. We stuck around for a while but cut out early because Lyrics Born was going to be playing at the stage next door.

I love Blackalicious and Lyrics Born has worked with them and others on many occasions so I was excited to check them out. The show was fantastic, loud, packed with people, very energetic and all around entertaining. I was quite pleased that we cut out of Manu Chao early to get a good spot.

Next up was Radiohead, the headliner for the night. I’ve listened to Radiohead off and on but have never called myself a fan. But when I learned that they would be at the festival I figured that I needed to really sit down and listen to their albums. In the process I found myself really enjoying a number of the tracks from In Rainbows so I was quite excited to see them in concert.

Because we checked out Lyrics Born beforehand, we weren’t all that close to the stage which is a bit of a bummer because it was a pretty cool show. But the biggest bummer was that during the performance the audio completely cut out, twice. I’m curious what the cause was but thankfully the problem was resolved both times and the show continued.

Overall day one was a ton of fun and I can’t wait to get there today.


One Response to “Outside Lands: Day One”

  1. I estimate I was about a mile away from the stage. They were really good. But I can’t say worth-the-ticket good. I may as well have been listening to them in my living room.

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